Meaning of cribo in English:


nounplural noun cribos

another term for indigo snake
‘Finally, black-tail cribos may experience shedding difficulties if they do not have access to a humid hide.’
  • ‘Large, active, hunting snakes - all non-venomous, or only mildly venomous - like tiger rat snakes, sipos, mussurana, and cribos react to disturbance by fleeing rapidly.’
  • ‘I saw one once, in the Glades in 1980, and have caught three cribos since.’
  • ‘It's also why I support the keeping of other snake species which are NOT dangerous, like indigo snakes, and cribos.’
  • ‘The quail and chicks go to the indigos, cribos, gators, corn, kings, ratsnakes, copperheads, cottonmouths, Timber rattlers, and diamondbacks (even my Pygmy rattler took a day old quail).’



/ˈkriːbəʊ/ /ˈkrʌɪbəʊ/


Late 19th century of unknown origin.