Meaning of crime-free in English:



  • Not affected by or involving illegal activities.

    ‘the streets here are safe and crime-free’
    • ‘we want young people to lead healthy and crime-free lives’
    • ‘Despite his fears, the area in which he lived was remarkably crime-free.’
    • ‘In general, Brunei is crime-free, especially in terms of violent crime.’
    • ‘Today's figures also show North Yorkshire is one of the most crime-free areas in the country.’
    • ‘Growing numbers of arts centres have added to the vibrant, cutting-edge spirit of a city that is also remarkably crime-free.’
    • ‘They liked the excellent diving, relaxing atmosphere and friendliness of the people on this crime-free island.’
    • ‘There are wide open spaces for children, it is safe for them, and we are a crime-free area.’
    • ‘Wiltshire is now officially the safest county in England and Wales and Swindon is one of the most crime-free towns of its size.’
    • ‘It is not polluted either by traffic or litter and is virtually crime-free.’
    • ‘For all the criminal activities that dominate the media headlines, though, most communities in the country remain crime-free.’
    • ‘Community leaders condemned the murder and called for their district to remain crime-free, as they claimed it had been for some time.’
    • ‘"We are determined to make this estate a crime-free area," she said.’
    • ‘Self-restraint, rather than draconian laws, was key to the most civilized and crime-free society in Europe.’
    • ‘Just as conservatives fail to see how unusual the quiet, relatively crime-free 1950s were, so leftists forget that the fractious 1960s were an anomaly.’
    • ‘Police said the day was fairly crime-free.’
    • ‘Beneath the veneer of a crime-free society and nascent market forces is a corrupt system of tight control and limited personal freedoms.’
    • ‘Industrial society was neither harmonious nor crime-free, though its dictates discouraged public disorder and thus reduced some forms of crime.’
    • ‘Some studies show that working inmates in federal prison have up to a 20 percent greater probability of gaining employment and remaining crime-free after release.’
    • ‘Education can afford individuals with the opportunities to achieve and maintain productive and crime-free lives and help to create safer communities for all.’
    • ‘We want to create a crime-free, drug-free environment for our school, and we're doing this through a youth-led movement.’
    • ‘Although many foreigners, especially Americans, believed that Canada was virtually crime-free, the truth was that it was not.’
    innocent, guiltless, blameless, clear, in the clear, not to blame, guilt-free, crime-free, above suspicion, unimpeachable, irreproachable