Meaning of crime scene in English:

crime scene

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  • The place where an offence has been committed and forensic evidence may be gathered.

    ‘fingerprints left at a crime scene’
    • ‘In some cases, TV crews raced police to crime scenes by monitoring police broadcasts.’
    • ‘The work is much like that of police detectives who analyze evidence to reconstruct what really happened at a crime scene.’
    • ‘In the 1940s and 1950s, she built stunningly detailed dollhouse crime scenes based on real cases to train detectives to assess visual evidence.’
    • ‘The movie opens with a crime scene.’
    • ‘The crime scene is chaos, crowded by reporters and locals trampling over potentially vital evidence.’
    • ‘The crime scenes were rarely dusted for fingerprints and photos were not even taken of all the victims.’
    • ‘He leaves to clean up the crime scene - but, to his shock, he finds that his car's been stolen by a couple of joy-riders.’
    • ‘The police are after him because his fingerprints are all over the crime scene.’
    • ‘If you happened to drop by the library of the Swiss Institute in lower Manhattan this past June, you would have found yourself in the middle of a crime scene.’
    • ‘The crime scene swarmed with cameramen, journalists, police, and passersby, adding to a scene of chaos and confusion.’
    • ‘The murder weapon was found in a tree near the crime scene.’
    • ‘A Target store in suburban Maryland recently became a crime scene.’
    • ‘The crime scene's about half a mile away from here.’
    • ‘The crime scene offered little physical evidence, including a complete lack of blood.’
    • ‘The defense argued that police mishandled blood drops from the crime scene, making the results of DNA testing unreliable.’
    • ‘People have wandered unhindered in and out of crime scenes.’
    • ‘I worked as a crime scene technician for a large police department for some time.’
    • ‘They spend the next 10 hours processing the crime scene, finding clues to help detectives piece together what happened.’
    • ‘One popular career is forensic analysis and crime scene investigation.’