Meaning of Crimean shirt in English:

Crimean shirt


historical Australian, New Zealand
  • A coloured flannel shirt, as worn by workers in the bush.

    ‘he wore a dirty torn Crimean shirt’
    • ‘The rough guernsey or dark Crimean shirt is almost the only wear.’
    • ‘He wore a Crimean shirt, and a hat like a stage cowboy.’
    • ‘A bushman, in Crimean shirt and moleskins, would clatter over the stony road and dismount before the inn.’
    • ‘His Crimean shirt was torn into ribbons.’
    • ‘We were pretty fussy with our clothes, no flannel Crimean shirts and dungarees for us.’


Mid 19th century from the name of the Black Sea peninsula, probably with reference to the warmth of the material.