Meaning of criminal law in English:

criminal law

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mass noun
  • A system of law concerned with the punishment of offenders.

    Contrasted with civil law

    ‘it is the function of the criminal law to punish’
    • ‘The second relationship between public international law and international criminal law is more complex.’
    • ‘Such protection will often include not only police protection but also a system of state criminal law under which offenders may be prosecuted.’
    • ‘I did a fair amount of criminal law and civil law, but generally it was conveyancing.’
    • ‘Punishment is a function par excellence of the criminal law, rather than civil law.’
    • ‘Comparisons between international law and domestic criminal law do indeed appear stark.’
    • ‘The criminal law for obvious policy reasons goes further than the civil law.’
    • ‘We look at a case, which highlights the clash between Aboriginal customary law and Anglo Australian criminal law.’
    • ‘Why is there this distinction between the approach of the civil law and the criminal law?’
    • ‘Under our system of criminal law, a person accused of a crime must bear the consequences of arrest and incarceration until trial.’
    • ‘The underlying deterrent rationale is not the only justification for criminal law and sentencing.’
    • ‘It doesn't want to be bound by an international umpire in criminal law, but is happy to do so when the issue is world trade.’
    • ‘If you get beaten up by your neighbor, that's a tort law or criminal law matter.’
    • ‘A first principle of criminal law is that justice is done in public, for all to see and hear.’
    • ‘He always used to say the intersection between criminal law, commercial law and trust law was never a happy one.’
    • ‘Isn't depriving a person of their liberty the worst punishment under our criminal law?’
    • ‘Ignorance of the law is no defence, or indeed excuse, in criminal law.’
    • ‘The inclusion of international law provides the State with a wider scope for punishing crimes than mere reliance on national criminal law.’
    • ‘In neither the European Community nor the United Kingdom can competition law be characterized as part of the body of criminal law.’
    • ‘My Lords, I have no doubt that the judiciary should accept this responsibility in the field of criminal law.’
    • ‘The criminal law ought not to be less favourable to a defendant than the civil law.’