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another term for cringeworthy
‘It was only one game - one nightmarish, awful, humiliating, cringe-making, hide-behind-the-sofa, please-stop-now game.’
  • ‘The worry is not so much that someone came up with this cringe-making slogan, but that a higher authority presumably approved it and the resulting expense.’
  • ‘‘It's such a good feeling when you get such a great response from the audience,’ says Clarke, who has never before visited Lancaster and loves the reaction to the cringe-making comedy.’
  • ‘But what about the cringe-making moment when people burst into song for no apparent reason?’
  • ‘But it's favorable in so many cringe-making ways.’
  • ‘There did, it has to be said, follow a rather cringe-making acceptance speech..’
  • ‘In another spectacularly cringe-making moment, a bronzed goddess warns through her pout: ‘This could rip two people apart.’’
  • ‘One of the more cringe-making moments was the sight of tickets practically being given away on the streets in the hours before kick-off.’
  • ‘The plugging of the new Lions anthem at Cardiff was cringe-making stuff but it being sung at a time when the Millennium Stadium should really have been observing a respectful hush was crass beyond words.’
  • ‘Ignore the cringe-making title; this is a European best-seller that's worth checking out.’
  • ‘Dodgy books, cringe-making photos of hairstyles you would rather forget about, a mix of furniture and the odd beautiful piece picked up over years of travel, can all cohabit.’
  • ‘It's a triple threat: atrocious music, wretched lyrics, cringe-making theology.’
  • ‘What follows is plenty of slapstick humour, the odd chuckle, way too much mushy stuff and some truly cringe-making moments.’
  • ‘Celebs are notorious for choosing cringe-making names.’
  • ‘The out-take scene used over the final credits is a cringe-making business that doesn't even deserve to make it on to the DVD.’
  • ‘It's just one of the many cringe-making lines that people are always saying in this film, cheesier than Roquefort in the microwave.’
  • ‘However, not all headlines are so clever; indeed some are even cringe-making.’
  • ‘However, he must beware the pitfalls of trying to be too smart-alecky, too ready with the cringe-making quip.’
  • ‘Depending on your tastes, it was a golden moment in the history of British music or a cringe-making aural atrocity.’
  • ‘The way this interviewer behaved provided the programme's most cringe-making moments.’