Meaning of cringer in English:



See cringe

‘Runner-up in the list of Christmas cringers was There's No-one Quite Like Grandma by St Winifred's School Choir.’
  • ‘The carpers and cringers invariably compare Holyrood with Westminster.’
  • ‘Watching him throw an embarrassingly long fit about the creative direction of the movie and calling a female producer a ‘smart girl ‘is a cringer.’’
  • ‘The minions, the accomplices, the yesmen, the campfollowers, the puppets, the buckpassers, the cringers, the well rewarded, who from this government look down on the people and ally themselves with the Empire.’
  • ‘Okay, this is a film for kids - probably under 12s - but, regardless of how hard you try to get yourself into a child's mindset, it's still a bit of a cringer.’