Meaning of crinite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrʌɪnʌɪt/


  • Having hairlike tufts; hairy.

    ‘The minute branchlets of the yellow thallus produce the irregularly radiated and crinite appearance of the margins of the fruit.’
    • ‘Their peduncles are crinite, with shaggy patent hairs.’
    • ‘From an underground, thick, oblique rhizome, the short, green, succulent stipites arise, in a tufted form, and are crinite with brown, subulate, shining scales.’
    • ‘The branchlets are crinite.’
    hirsute, shaggy, bushy, hair-covered, long-haired


Late 16th century from Latin crinitus, past participle of crinire ‘cover or provide with hair’ see -ite.