Meaning of crinoidal in English:




See crinoid

‘Lithologically, the most abundant carbonate rock type is an argillaceous, coarse-grained crinoidal packstone, but finer grained packstones, grainstones, calcareous siltstones, and shales are also present.’
  • ‘The echinoderms appear to be particularly abundant in an interval up to 0.5 m below a 25-30 cm ledge-forming crinoidal grainstone with small micritic bioherms.’
  • ‘The Haight Creek is primarily composed of dolomitic mudstones and wackestones with abundant chert interbeds and thin, discontinuous crinoidal packstones.’
  • ‘Recent fieldwork strongly indicates that these crinoidal deposits should be considered a discrete unit.’
  • ‘Understanding this faunal record is quite important, because crinoidal facies were a dominant lithofacies along the western margin of North America during the Lower Mississippian.’



/krʌɪˈnɔɪd(ə)l/ /krɪˈnɔɪd(ə)l/