Meaning of criollo in English:


nounplural noun criollos

  • 1A person from Spanish South or Central America, especially one of pure Spanish descent.

    ‘Spaniards were referred to as Peninsulars, while their South-American-born descendants were called criollos (Creoles).’
    • ‘A criollo in Argentina is a person or a family descended from Spanish ancestry, in other words, no added mixture of non-Spanish blood.’
    • ‘In the twentieth century, the men's loincloths were made of a bright red cloth obtained from the criollos (Venezuelans of mixed descent).’
    • ‘During this period, private property prevailed in areas controlled by Spanish and criollo communities while communal property remained the standard of indigenous communities.’
    • ‘The historical Mexican criollo likewise suffered because of a deep sense of national and continental identity.’
    1. 1.1A horse or other domestic animal of a South or Central American breed.
      ‘Fig 5 shows the relatedness of the seven criollo breeds.’
      • ‘You'll saddle up on Ecuadorian criollos, Andalucians and thoroughbreds, riding South American-style vaquero sillas - sheepskin padded for long hours in the saddle.’
      • ‘On this 140-mile journey, you'll visit fishing villages atop South American criollo horses, fuel up on lamb and steak, and gaze at capybaras (the world's largest rodents).’
      • ‘The farm belongs to rancher Ramon Sierra, who, with son-in-law Hector Soto Vargas, is providing sturdy Patagonian criollo horses, still shaggy in their winter coats, to get us up the Soler.’
      • ‘Trot beside breaking waves with your criollo steed at Playa Negra, one of Costa Rica's best surf breaks, and stay in beachfront bungalows.’
  • 2

    (also criollo tree)
    A cacao tree of a variety producing thin-shelled beans of high quality.

    ‘Older, ‘gran cru’ trees yield finer criollo and trinitario cacao beans, which are more flavorful than the lesser beans.’
    • ‘Chuaco is the Montrachet of chocolate and still attracts the great chocolatiers of France and Italy, who fight over infinitesimal amounts of the finest criollo cacao in the world.’
    • ‘The three main varieties of cacao beans used in the production of chocolate are criollo, forastero and trinitario.’
    • ‘Most of their beans are criollo hybrids, which is considered the best cacao available today.’
    • ‘The best chocolate is 100% criollo or a blend of that and trinitario.’



/krɪˈɒləʊ/ /krɪˈɒjəʊ/


Early 17th century Spanish, literally ‘native to the locality’ (see Creole).