Meaning of crippled in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrɪpld/

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  • 1Severely damaged or malfunctioning.

    ‘the pilot displayed skill and nerve in landing the crippled plane’
    • ‘his rule left the country with a crippled economy’
    • ‘In years gone by a car or bike crippled on the downward journey ended the penny section with a DNF attached.’
    • ‘There is a crippled freighter as well with 22 people floundering around somewhere offshore.’
    • ‘Fuels spewed for six days from the crippled vessel before it went down today.’
    • ‘His crippled ship was easily overtaken by the HMS Endymion, but the President's fighting crew made up for the ship's lack of mobility.’
    • ‘The real possibility exists that a large portion of the West Coast's shipping capacity could be crippled by a major earthquake.’
    • ‘As for the crippled transport and the ungritted roads - for God's sake, get over it.’
    • ‘Lt Col Holdaway's quick actions, extensive systems knowledge, and smart decision making allowed him to safely recover a severely crippled aircraft and preserve a valuable combat asset.’
    • ‘" Half a mile from the hospital, the local power station, intact but crippled by war damage to the National Grid.’
  • 2 dated, offensive (of a person) unable to walk or move normally; disabled.

    • ‘In fact, it's apparent that he's an intellectually crippled man who deserves our mercy and compassion rather than our scorn.’
    • ‘Some, too crippled to work, have been forced to return to Latin America.’
    • ‘We hear the names of the dead, but rarely do we see the victims who remain maimed and crippled.’
    • ‘In January, Anita had her hip replacement removed to help her recover from MRSA, but this left her crippled.’
    • ‘The ugly truth is that much of the media only cares about our soldiers when they're dead or crippled.’
    • ‘Our second and third generations ' respect for the patriotic martyrs was thus manifested in the warm affection shown for the crippled grandson of the martyr.’
    • ‘The most popular story about its appearance relates that a great hero of the revolution, who had been crippled in one leg was welcomed home with a victory celebration.’
    • ‘After a number of failed attempts at suicide, he expressed his wish to escape from "the prison" of his crippled body.’
    • ‘Your victims die or end up crippled, mentally and physically.’
    having a disability, with a disability


In reference to disabled people the word crippled acquired offensive connotations in the 20th century and has generally been superseded by disabled. When referring to malfunctioning machines or vehicles it is still widely used