Meaning of crise de nerfs in English:

crise de nerfs

nounplural noun crises de nerfs/ˌkriːz də ˈnɛː(f)/ /kʀiz də nɛʀf/

  • An attack of anxiety.

    ‘I had a crise de nerfs before the first performance’
    • ‘Any minor setback sets off a crise de nerfs, a fit of the vapours turning any mishap into a crisis.’
    • ‘Is Edward Rochester a man to whom we entrust Jane Eyre with confidence, should she suffer a crise de nerfs later in life?’
    • ‘She would have a crise de nerfs did she think Brian were in danger.’
    • ‘Many of these scares ended in laughter, the Frenchmen ragging us for our crises de nerfs, but they did not quite like it themselves, lying helpless in bed.’
    • ‘Few were hardy enough to be fixedly stared at by Thomas Carlyle for forty-five seconds without suffering a crise de nerfs.’


crise de nerfs

/ˌkriːz də ˈnɛː(f)/ /kʀiz də nɛʀf/


French, literally ‘crisis of nerves’.