Meaning of crisis actor in English:

crisis actor


  • A person who takes part in a supposed conspiracy to manipulate public opinion by pretending to be a victim of an event such as a bombing, mass shooting, or natural disaster.

    ‘the claim that survivors of mass shootings are crisis actors is a common conspiracy theory’
    • ‘Photos of the victims continue to get picked apart online by conspiracy theorists who claim the massacre was staged by crisis actors.’
    • ‘In the wake of the mass shooting that left 17 dead last week, conspiracy videos have alleged that the students are paid “crisis actors” who traveled from New York to give interviews.’
    • ‘Conspiracy theorists have posted graphic videos of the murder and claimed that the reporter killed was a crisis actor.’
    • ‘Something wacky about crisis actors and false flags may have popped up on your newsfeed, and for a brief moment, you may have been tempted by the fantasy that this is not happening.’
    • ‘The posts allege he is a crisis actor and that the tragedy was a hoax.’
    • ‘Despite multiple inquiries from reporters over several weeks, the site still suggests that he is a “crisis actor” in its search bar.’
    • ‘Critics said that by liking a number of tweets relating to ‘crisis actors’, he was essentially giving a boost to conspiracy theories.’
    • ‘He and other survivors have used social media to shut down claims that they are paid crisis actors.’
    • ‘ "I never said they were crisis actors," quipped the organizer when asked about the controversy. "I said they were all from the theater department , and they were being trained."’
    • ‘He appeared on an extremist media outlet known for spinning wild conspiracies about pizza shop sex rings and “crisis actors”.’