Meaning of crissal thrasher in English:

crissal thrasher

Pronunciation /ˈkrɪs(ə)l/


  • A large grey thrasher (songbird) with a red patch under the tail, found in the south-western US and Mexico.

    Toxostoma dorsale or 'crissale', family Mimidae

    ‘The most prominent feature of the crissal thrasher is its very distinctive long curved bill.’
    • ‘The crissal thrasher is mostly a uniform grayish brown, with a long, dark tail and a very long, decurved bill.’
    • ‘There you can find nesting the crissal thrasher and the black-chinned sparrow.’
    • ‘You needn't go as far as the state park and trail areas if all you hope to see are roadrunners and a few other desert species such as cactus wrens, pyrrhuloxia, crissal thrashers and verdin.’
    • ‘Keep your eyes peeled for verdins, crissal thrashers, black-throated sparrows, Abert's towhees, and black-tailed gnatcatchers, to name but a few.’


Late 19th century crissal from modern Latin crissum(denoting the vent region of a bird) + -al.