Meaning of cristate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrɪsteɪt/


See crista

‘Neither of the two cristate plants have ever flowered, so I had to propagate them by none cristate offsets cuttings.’
  • ‘In addition to cristate and variegated succulents the book covers all kinds of succulent plant freak growths from chimeras and uncontrolled proliferation to spiral torsion and spinelessness.’
  • ‘The distinct morphology of this and other brain cacti, known as cristate or crested growth, is caused by an apical meristem gone awry.’
  • ‘While most saguaro cacti grow in a typical fashion, a few individuals will grow in an atypical form known as a cristate or crested saguaro.’
  • ‘This cristate inflorescence from one of my own plants has never been repeated.’