Meaning of critical damping in English:

critical damping


mass nounPhysics
  • Damping just sufficient to prevent oscillations.

    ‘The seismic loading was taken from response spectra tailored to the site that assumed 5 percent critical damping.’
    • ‘The ratio B of the actual damping to critical damping essentially determines the shape of the response.’
    • ‘The problem with critical damping is that the maximum is only about 36% of the response for an undamped geophone.’
    • ‘The series resistor is a potentiometer that can be adjusted to produce underdamping, critical damping, or overdamping, shown left-to-right in that order on the circuit assembly photograph above.’
    • ‘The damping is much better, as the ratio of the peaks above implies that the ratio of the actual damping to the critical damping is 0.6.’