Meaning of critical list in English:

critical list


in singular
  • A list of those who are critically ill in hospital.

    ‘she's fallen into a coma and is on the critical list’
    • ‘the company appears to be off the critical list’
    • ‘She was put on the critical list but that list was for adults as well and is the same list as RTAs (road traffic accidents).’
    • ‘When she came round she was unable to speak and spent another four months on the hospital critical list.’
    • ‘An injured Uruguayan crew member has been taken off the critical list at University College Hospital in Galway.’
    • ‘He lost several pints of blood from multiple stab wounds although he has now been taken off the critical list at Rotherham Hospital.’
    • ‘Dunlop suffered a burst aneurysm in his aorta and spent three weeks on the critical list in a Chichester hospital but happily made a full recovery and is now chasing yet more winners.’
    • ‘The driver of the Ford Fiesta, an 83-year-old woman from the Basingstoke area, was airlifted to Salisbury General Hospital and has since been taken off the critical list.’
    • ‘But the 20-year-old is now off the critical list and has left Southampton Hospital, where he spent a week in intensive care.’
    • ‘He and Margaret got married in the Royal Mineral Hospital in Bath in 2002 shortly after Mr Allen was taken off the critical list.’
    • ‘Sadly, Shane is on the critical list at St Vincent's Hospital after an incident over the hang gliding goal field at last Sunday's Celtic Cup (further details later).’
    • ‘Britain's fifth major train disaster in as many years claimed the lives of seven and injured 67, leaving ten people in hospital, including some on the critical list.’
    • ‘Mr Richards, 42 is suffering from leukaemia, and is now on the critical list, after his body rejected a life-saving bone marrow transplant four weeks ago.’
    • ‘Paul, 26, had suffered a fractured skull and was on the critical list at Hull Royal Infirmary after the beating last January and had never fully recovered.’
    • ‘He was on the critical list for a number of hours.’
    • ‘According to a Garda source he has since come off the critical list.’
    • ‘Actually football was furthest from the minds of his doctors as for some time Jason was on the critical list.’
    • ‘They're on the critical list and I'm not holding out much hope for them.’
    • ‘The teenager was taken by air ambulance to Leeds General Infirmary where he remains on the critical list.’
    • ‘He is now off the critical list in Bradford Royal Infirmary but has been unable to tell police what happened.’
    • ‘Early today, doctors at Bradford Royal Infirmary took him off the critical list.’
    • ‘His prayers were answered when three weeks later she was taken off the critical list.’