Meaning of Cro-Magnon in English:


(also Cromagnon)

Pronunciation /krəʊˈmanjɒ̃/ /krəʊˈmanjɒn/ /krəʊˈmaɡnən/

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  • Of or relating to the first group of modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) to inhabit Europe, dated to between 35,000 and 24,000 years ago in the Upper Palaeolithic.

    The preferred term for Cro-Magnon man is now ‘European Early Modern Humans’.


  • A Cro-Magnon human.


Mid 19th century. From Cro-Magnon (French Cro-Magnon), the name of a rock shelter in a limestone cliff near Les Eyzies, Dordogne, France, in which the remains of early modern humans were first found in 1868.