Meaning of crocodile clip in English:

crocodile clip


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mainly British
  • A sprung metal clip with long, serrated jaws, used attached to an electric cable for making a temporary connection to a battery or other component.

    North American term alligator clip

    ‘There was a single lamp plugged into the generator, with a mesh over the bulb end and a crocodile clip on the other.’
    • ‘If they are used for promotional reasons they will probably have attached some kind of accessories like crocodile clips, Dog clips, mobile phone holders.’
    • ‘People are snooping on our lives, and you can too with cheap laptops, a few crocodile clips and a battered old van.’
    • ‘Two crocodile clips are attached to either side of the gap in the steel link and 1000 amps of electricity is applied.’
    • ‘You play through your nose and change pitch with a pair of crocodile clips.’