Meaning of crofting in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrɒftɪŋ/

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mass nounBritish
  • The practice or system of farming in crofts.

    as modifier ‘a crofting community’
    • ‘He points out that crofting was a system devised by landlords themselves, and that up until 1820 it was almost a matter of pride as well as commercial sense to keep as many of crofters on the land as possible.’
    • ‘A Scottish Agricultural College survey into crofting has shown that holdings are only able to continue with income from sources other than agriculture.’
    • ‘The entire agricultural output of crofting could be fitted comfortably into a handful of large east coast farms.’
    • ‘I've written a little pamphlet on the history of crofting law.’
    • ‘It's a squitty little island with bad roads and impoverished crofting townships.’
    • ‘The course attempts to bring those with little or no experience up to speed on subjects such as the history of crofting, heritage, conservation, cultivation, funding and the new community right-to-buy.’
    • ‘Scotland is particularly suited to organic production not simply due to the existence of crofting, but also the prevalence of traditional crop rotation and upland livestock farms, Raven added.’
    • ‘The award-winning Museum & Visitors Centre offers a history of local crofting and has aquariums with local marine life.’
    • ‘However, enthusiasm for crofting is greater than it has been for decades, she added.’
    • ‘Helen makes her way to Skerray, a tiny crofting community whose name translates as ‘between the rocks and the sea’.’
    • ‘The commission may also look to see if a potential tenant has a crofting background or can make a case that they intend to live in the house permanently and work the land.’
    • ‘Those estate owners who could be affected by a community or crofting bid have tended to hold back to see what will happen.’
    • ‘Some crofting communities are now attempting ‘aggressive’ buy-outs against landowners not wanting to sell their land.’
    • ‘In the case of a crofting community, for instance, all salmon fishing that borders the in-bye and grazing land can be bought by the crofters in an enforced sale.’
    • ‘War, too had a significant impact - the populations of even the remotest crofting communities were drawn in.’
    • ‘This interpretation of crofting law would enable crofters to become their own landlords but continue to enjoy the advantages of remaining tenants.’
    • ‘They will not have a vote by virtue of having a crofting tenancy.’
    • ‘Some petitioned to be allowed to return, but the government, complaining at the cost of removing the islanders, made sure they signed over their crofting rights.’
    • ‘But for those people crofting wasn't just a way of life, it was life itself.’
    • ‘In parts, it is still farmed in the traditional crofting manner.’
    farming, cultivation, tillage, tilling, husbandry, land management, farm management, crofting