Meaning of crombec in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrɒmbɛk/


  • A small African warbler with a very short tail, and grey or green upper parts with rufous or white underparts.

    Genus Sylvietta, family Sylviidae: several species, in particular S. brachyura

    ‘The four species of longbills are mostly forest birds with longer bills and tails than crombecs, and mostly very drab in plumage.’
    • ‘New birds will come thick and fast - woodpeckers, kingfishers, barbets, tinkerbirds, widows, cisticolas, apalis and prinias, crombecs, various sparrows and canaries.’
    • ‘This tour saw all of the possible weavers and crombecs of Kenya.’
    • ‘We headed up the Lake Albert escarpment avoiding marching soldiers then stopped for an hour in the Budongo Forest for a walk with crombecs.’
    • ‘We will stop en route to enjoy the birdlife of Langebaan Lagoon, the colony of Cape Gannets at Lambert's Bay, and the more unusual passerines of the arid areas; in particular the tit-babblers, larks and crombecs.’


Early 20th century from French, from Dutch krom ‘crooked’ + bek ‘beak’.