Meaning of cromlech in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrɒmlɛk/

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  • 1(in Wales) a megalithic tomb consisting of a large flat stone laid on upright ones; a dolmen.

    ‘They were the so called Megalithic People, the builders of dolmens, cromlechs and other monuments over or to their dead.’
    • ‘The stones were not dolmens or cromlechs.’
    • ‘Everywhere you go in Ireland there are standing stones, circles, cromlechs and tumuli.’
    • ‘Her grandfather Thomas Rogers lived at Devil's Den Cottage close to the cromlech at Clatford just west of Marlborough.’
  • 2(in Brittany) a circle of standing stones.


Welsh, from crom, feminine of crwm ‘arched’ + llech ‘flat stone’; cromlech (sense 2 of the noun) is via French from Breton krommlec'h.