Meaning of crookery in English:



See crook

‘The Guardian summarised these difficulties rather well: ‘Missing [but not kidnapped or murdered] children, jealous spouses, petty crookery, ostrich rustling and beauty contest corruption.’’
  • ‘When we each get up to our particular bit of crookery and deviousness we don't say, ‘I'm stealing or cheating’ we say ‘I'm beating the system.’’
  • ‘Our adult children now all do their banking on the internet and are happy to take their chances with electronic crookery, but I am of the old school who likes to see the whites of a teller's eyes when making a deposit.’
  • ‘And that was before the extent of his crookery became visible to the wider community.’
  • ‘Elect me, and crime, crookery, criminality, venality and bad parking will vanish like crossroads dancing.’