Meaning of cross-beam in English:



  • A transverse beam.

    ‘There was novelty in the track itself; Brunel was to break away from the crude track of earlier lines with what was called ‘bridge rail’, laid on longitudinal beams, the latter in turn joined by cross-beams.’
    • ‘With cross-beams 10 feet off the floor, lighting from above was difficult.’
    • ‘Or perhaps you would like to splash out and buy a typical Normandy house with cross-beams, a stone chimney, a huge living room, four bedrooms and 6,000 square metres of tree-planted gardens, all for €165,000.’
    • ‘Bream stacks up around the pylons and cross-beams.’
    • ‘Its wooden roof was supported by three great cross-beams which rested on squat octagonal pillars running down the centre of the mosque.’
    • ‘You're only microsurgery and protein-modification away from being able to swim like a fish, run like a cheetah or swing from cross-beams like a monkey.’
    • ‘He carried the cross-beam, maximum.’
    • ‘The movie is competent, but its one notable feature is Jesus carrying a cross-beam that's not squared and true.’
    • ‘She saw a sign suspended by ropes from the top cross-beam, one end hanging lower than the other.’
    • ‘The tug was sinking after being flooded by a cross-beam wave.’