Meaning of cross-colour in English:



mass noun
  • Coloured flashes of interference in a colour television receiver caused by the misinterpretation of high-frequency luminance detail as colour information.

    ‘No noticeable cross-colour or cross-luminance artefacts could be seen on the episodes and fine detail was rendered as through it had been shot on component video.’
    • ‘A further reduction of cross-colour is obtained by reducing the vertical and temporal resolution of the interpolation function for the colour information.’
    • ‘The 2-dimension low pass filter reduces the cross-color to reproduce fine stripes and lattice patterns with the very minimum of color blur.’
    • ‘If you have a cross-color problem, you can try reducing your TV's color setting until the effect is reduced to your liking.’
    • ‘Narrowing the filter bandwidth further merely smears out the cross-colour and smears the real colour too.’