Meaning of cross-disciplinary in English:



  • Relating to or representing more than one branch of knowledge; interdisciplinary.

    ‘a strong cross-disciplinary approach to research’
    • ‘a cross-disciplinary panel of scholars’
    • ‘The researchers said their ongoing collaboration is an example of the cross-disciplinary work that is becoming a hallmark of the institute.’
    • ‘Exposure to a cross-disciplinary research environment will be regarded positively.’
    • ‘We are looking for an ambitious and enthusiastic scientist, with a PhD in a relevant social scientific discipline and with cross-disciplinary research skills.’
    • ‘The method was developed as a wide cross-disciplinary collaboration between chemists, physicists and biologists.’
    • ‘The purpose of the funding is to promote and encourage cross-disciplinary studies, as well as to offer financial aid for undergraduate students.’
    • ‘Strong cross-disciplinary communication skills are essential.’
    • ‘If your company is small, try rotating responsibilities among team members to promote cross-disciplinary skills.’
    • ‘The project involves cross-disciplinary research at the interface between biology and chemistry.’
    • ‘Her cross-disciplinary experiences resulted in an attempt to apply techniques now used commonly in plant and animal breeding programs to skin cancer.’
    • ‘This project requires a cross-disciplinary approach with the involvement of researchers from engineering and biology.’
    • ‘It is kind of cross-disciplinary—business, art, social sciences, and communication.’
    • ‘This position provides an exciting opportunity to work in cross-disciplinary research groups.’
    • ‘Their goal is to take stock of the latest theories and findings about dark matter and spark cross-disciplinary discussions and collaborations aimed at resolving the dark matter puzzle.’
    • ‘Cross-disciplinary majors are still difficult to manage yet those are the skills needed by today's workforce.’
    • ‘A new, non-invasive technique for tracking stem cells after transplantation has been developed by a cross-disciplinary team of radiologists, chemists, statisticians, and materials scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine.’
    • ‘The aim of this project is to gain a deeper understanding of key microbial-mineral interactions at the nanoscale using a cross-disciplinary approach.’
    • ‘A cross-disciplinary team of US neuroscientists and cryptographers have developed a password/passkey system that removes the weakest link in any security system: the human user.’
    • ‘A new international cross-disciplinary collaboration between physicists and molecular genetics researchers advances scientists' understanding of this crucial biological timing system.’
    • ‘A cross-disciplinary team of researchers at the University of Maryland has designed a molecular container that can hold drug molecules and increase their solubility.’
    • ‘Known to business students as an example of "market failure," this problem requires cross-disciplinary solutions.’
    • ‘The first crop of students began taking courses in the new major, a cross-disciplinary program that falls under the school of humanities, arts and social sciences.’
    comprehensive, thorough, complete, exhaustive, profound, boundless