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  • Wear clothing typical of the opposite sex.

    ‘a lot of men cross-dress’
    • ‘entertainment has thrived on drag, cross-dressing, and androgyny’
    • ‘That women can freely cross-dress but men cannot is breathtaking hypocrisy.’
    • ‘He began cross-dressing at age 7, wearing his sister's clothes while hiding in a closet.’
    • ‘There are many possibilities with cross-dressing.’
    • ‘The ballets are full of disguises, cross-dressing, and transformations.’
    • ‘It was about cross-dressing and people's sexuality.’
    • ‘In her early teens, very confused, she tried cross-dressing, and had brief homosexual experiences, but nothing seemed to make sense.’
    • ‘Cross-dressing as a pregnant woman, that's a new one on me.’
    • ‘Their comedy routine involved Jeanette cross-dressing as a naughty school-boy called Jimmy, who would get up to all sorts of trouble.’
    • ‘At the time, it seemed very much like Shakespeare's sole method of creating comedy was to involve cross-dressing.’
    • ‘But it was not known before that he himself took part in cross-dressing.’
    • ‘Read up on cross-dressing so you can address any questions she'll undoubtedly have.’
    • ‘Once notorious for his penchant for cross-dressing, he says his party days are long gone.’
    • ‘He told of the difficulty he and his family have had coming to terms with his passion for cross-dressing.’
    • ‘Really, this should be the least of your concerns when you're starting to cross-dress.’
    • ‘And to show solidarity the newspaper's staff have been ordered to cross-dress for the day.’
    • ‘There is absolutely nothing morally wrong with cross-dressing.’
    • ‘His face turned a rather unattractive shade of red at the suggestion that his sons could be cross-dressing.’
    • ‘Danish brides and grooms used to confound the evil spirits by cross-dressing.’
    • ‘Discovering her abandoned and terminally ill, Gregory cross-dresses and poses as her nurse.’
    • ‘‘You didn't tell me I was going to have to cross-dress for this,’ I muttered.’