Meaning of cross-hatch in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrɒshatʃ/


[with object]
  • (in drawing or graphics) shade (an area) with intersecting sets of parallel lines.

    ‘a painting depicting real and mythical animals precisely cross-hatched in ochre pigments’
    • ‘In the bundle of materials there is a map which identifies by cross-hatching various areas.’
    • ‘Among the very first techniques taught in art classes are how to render objects in a variety of ways: line, shadows, contour line, stippling, cross-hatching and so on.’
    • ‘Some of the shading techniques used were cross-hatching, stippling, spirals and close repetition of continuous lines.’
    • ‘Parallel, cross-hatched, and concentric line decorations are the most common.’
    • ‘She introduces cross-hatching as an internal element in wheeling and receding shapes that recall igneous rocks scored with veins of quartz.’
    • ‘One teacher remembers his early drawings as ‘scribbles’; others recall rudimentary figures obliterated by cross-hatching.’
    • ‘I gave them handouts on texture examples that included hatching, cross-hatching, stippling, small circles, scales, scribble texture and more.’
    • ‘His drawings are monochrome, intricately cross-hatched and shaded.’
    • ‘We selected the various skin-tone colors from our boxes and practiced blending, hatching and cross-hatching on scraps of colored construction paper to explore the possibilities of creating shadows and highlights.’
    • ‘He made a few abstract lines, cross-hatched, and then started filling in with permanent marker.’
    • ‘Tightly constructed and heavily worked, the drawings are made, over weeks and months, from layers of cross-hatching and parallel strokes, with results that are paradoxically dense and crisp.’
    • ‘They include precise cross-hatching, clusters of vertical or horizontal lines, small organic shapes suggesting fragments of larger images, and broad lines arranged in configurations that recall petroglyphs.’
    • ‘Methods of shading - like dot density, line proximity and cross-hatching - can be used with equal success on both surfaces.’
    • ‘His use of long sinuous lines with no cross-hatching gave his work at its best great directness and clarity.’
    • ‘Their rough cross-hatching disrupts but does not obliterate the darkness, creating a dramatic balance between gestural and geometric elements.’
    • ‘His characteristic style, which makes great use of cross-hatching, appears casual.’
    • ‘These works are delicate and loose, with washy grounds and linear accents, bits of cross-hatching and curving organic shapes.’
    • ‘Straight line decorations included parallel lines (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) and cross-hatched lines.’
    • ‘Here he's assembled hives of cross-hatching that climb across the full-page drawings.’
    • ‘Previous accidents have led to a cross-hatched area (bordered with a broken line) being painted down the centre of the road.’
    orchestrate, arrange, set, adapt