Meaning of cross-license in English:



[with object]
  • Give one party a licence to use (patented or copyright material) in return for a similar licence.

    ‘the two companies have agreed to cross-license their intellectual property’
    • ‘Instead, the two companies have agreed to cross-license their intellectual property.’
    • ‘Additionally, a 10-year cross licensing agreement for patents was signed.’
    • ‘The duo are to cross-license their technology for five years.’
    • ‘The two parties also agreed to cross-license each other's patent portfolio through to 2010, TSMC said in a statement.’
    • ‘Perhaps the biggest hurdle for SDR will be to get these companies to cross-license their waveforms to companies building SDR products, Powell said.’
    • ‘The companies agreed to cross-license each other's products under their respective patent estates for herbicide tolerance and insect resistance technologies.’
    • ‘The deal will see the companies cross license some technology and have Microsoft pay Alacritech an undisclosed sum.’
    • ‘"We think people will look to cross-license the technology and use it as trading cards."’
    • ‘The cross-license turned out to be a good deal for Intel, which agreed to cross-license its patents and provide S3 Inc. with a P6 bus license in 1998.’
    • ‘Under the Alabama accord, the companies have signed a cross license agreement, while Intergraph will " transfer ownership of certain unrelated patents ".’
    • ‘In September 2001 we predicted that VIA and Intel would come together and cross-license their respective patents.’