Meaning of cross-match in English:


Pronunciation /krɒsˈmatʃ/


[with object]Medicine
  • Test the compatibility of (a donor's and a recipient's blood or tissue)

    ‘blood that has been cross-matched with a maternal blood sample is used for fetal transfusion’
    • ‘The physician orders a unit of red blood cells to be crossmatched for a transfusion later that day.’
    • ‘This is relevant for junior medical staff taking samples for blood grouping and crossmatching.’
    • ‘The patient's blood is grouped and crossmatched.’
    • ‘Our transfusion medicine service performed all recipient blood typing and screening for irregular antibodies using the saline and tube technique for ABO typing and immediate spin crossmatching.’
    • ‘The transfusion facility chose to crossmatch and transfuse type O red cells.’


  • An instance of cross-matching.

    ‘The patient was transfused following a biologic crossmatch in an attempt to maintain hemoglobin and hematocrit levels.’
    • ‘Since the crossmatch uses the patient's serum, which may lack potency, donors who are weakly positive for the antigen may be mistakenly called compatible.’
    • ‘Repeated pretransfusion and posttransfusion crossmatches were also performed.’
    • ‘This crossmatch was compatible and the unit was allocated for possible exchange transfusion for the twins.’
    • ‘Blood type and screen or crossmatch may be ordered by the surgeon.’