Meaning of cross-post in English:



[with object]
  • 1Post (a message, link, image, etc.) to more than one online location, such as a blog, social media website, or forum.

    ‘the app is set up so that you can easily cross-post your item on Craigslist too’
    • ‘I think I might cross-post this to my site, and include the text of the email I sent.’
    • ‘When I got home, I wrote an angry e-mail message about my experiences and sent it to the residents of the Senior House dormitory with a note urging people to cross-post it.’
    • ‘I've just posted this question to Ask Metafilter, but I thought I'd cross-post it here to see if anyone knows the answer.’
    • ‘It's generally considered rude, though, to crosspost a notice about your product to every forsale newsgroup, even ones on the opposite side of the country or world.’
    • ‘This article is cross-posted from John Prescott's blog by kind permission.’
    • ‘I'll cross-post this query in the technicians/tuners forum, and please let me know/ignore this post if it is not appropriate to ask for specific recommendations on a public forum like this.’
    • ‘Contributors cross post their content to the Business Innovation site.’
    • ‘No other browser allows me to cross post between G + to twitter.’
    • ‘This article has been cross-posted on two websites on the Nations Network.’
    • ‘It was reported by the Daily Telegraph and cross-posted to the Courier Mail.’
    • ‘The app has a huge user base, and its ability to cross-post to a wide variety of photo services and social networks guarantee an easy time sharing and documenting your journey with others.’
    • ‘I am going to cross-post this post over at PianoWorld because I suspect it may get more views there.’
  • 2Transfer (an employee) to a different department or place of work or (a soldier) to a different regiment.

    ‘I was living with my family in Aberdeen, where my father was cross-posted’
    • ‘I couldn't find my name on the Northumberlands' drafts list. They'd cross-posted me to the West Yorkshire Regiment.’
    • ‘The garment was being made for an ambassador due to be cross-posted from a republic to a monarchy.’
    • ‘It had been announced that Australian ambassador Dick Woolcott would be cross-posted from Jakarta to Manila.’
    • ‘He had been cross-posted from the 2/5th Battalion.’
    • ‘Sid was cross-posted from Number Four Company to Headquarter's Company.’
    • ‘Willoughby was one of a number who had been cross-posted from Grunert's headquarters.’
    • ‘The fact that he had been cross-posted to a regular battalion demonstrated his sound military credentials.’
    • ‘The problem is that a lot of officials are policy officers, cross-posted, with no intelligence background or very little intelligence background.’


(also cross post)
  • A message, link, image, etc. that has been posted to more than one online location.

    ‘this is a cross post from my personal blog’
    • ‘He has asked me if I might occasionally run a cross post from the website, if I thought the topic would be of interest to readers.’
    • ‘The following is a cross post from Believer's Brain (with kind permission).’
    • ‘The following is a cross post from a blog I haven't been following long, but is proving to be an exceptional read, written by a gifted and encouraging author.’
    • ‘Doesn't really matter what name you use on FB, eventually you will be found by friends and foes alike by all sorts of means; attached email addresses, friend networks, cross posts, face recognition in tagged images, location and app data’
    • ‘This is a cross post from the International Trade Administration's blog.’