Meaning of cross-posting in English:



mass noun
  • 1The posting of a message, link, image, etc. to more than one online location.

    ‘I'm a fan of cross-posting, and consider it just another way in which people can reach a broad audience’
    • ‘abusive cross-postings have become a serious problem’
    • ‘A reader has rightly pointed out that their figures for number of postings may be inflated due to cross-postings.’
    • ‘For cross-postings, kindly use the active hyperlink address of the original article.’
    • ‘Please forgive the excessive cross-posting.’
    • ‘Here's an e-mail I just got, apols for any cross-posting.’
    • ‘Apologies for cross-posting.’
    • ‘I'll try to restrain myself from cross-posting on my other feed.’
    • ‘I think that networking and cross-posting and being involved in as many groups as possible is always beneficial for any organization.’
    • ‘The company also considers each media outpost an exclusive "channel," which means there is lots of cross-posting of content from different platforms to make sure users who only tune into one place are being best served.’
    • ‘We have done our utmost to avoid cross-posting, but we apologise if you do receive this from more than one source.’
    • ‘Cross-posting from other forums is not allowed.’
  • 2The transfer of an employee to a different department of place of work, or a soldier to a different regiment.

    ‘increased cross-posting gives promising officers the chance to command infantry on the ground’
    • ‘his Chief Constable will describe the move as a routine cross-posting’
    • ‘Such a system would also allow a greater degree of cross-posting with soldiers being transferred to other regiments regardless of their original cap badge.’
    • ‘The exercise, which represents an estimated one-third reduction in the number of missions staff abroad, involves the cross-posting of more than 140 officers and the closure of four consulates.’
    • ‘An effective personnel department in Whitehall would ensure more cross-posting between departments.’
    • ‘An important part of the reasoning behind this new structure was to encourage recruiting and retention, by promoting regimental espirit de corps still further and minimising cross-posting between regiments.’
    • ‘Each section of the secretariat concentrated on its own field of policy; there was much less cross-posting within the office.’
    • ‘If you have a skeleton organisation you do tend to have more cross-postings within it and wider experience gained by individuals within it.’