Meaning of cross-promotion in English:




mass noun
  • The use of one product or service to promote another.

    ‘90 per cent of the $100 million will come from cross-promotion with other arms of the parent company’
    • ‘Just Born slammed its way toward cool by getting on MTW through a national cross promotion last year with Atlantic Records.’
    • ‘The execution in terms of leveraging across business units has not lived up to the promise, except perhaps in terms of cross promotion.’
    • ‘Warner execs would not provide statistics on how the cross-promotion has boosted video or studio store sales over the past 13 months.’
    • ‘He was instrumental in crafting Sprint's first cross promotion, a program with Burger King during the 1990 holiday season.’
    • ‘It is difficult to walk anywhere in Tesco without encountering cross-promotion for its own services.’
    • ‘These were posed on the air last week in a deft piece of cross-promotion.’
    • ‘Both are ubiquitous in terms of cross-promotion - from tobacco's Formula One racing to fast food's Disney tie-ins.’
    • ‘This is really just harmless cross promotion, an advanced prep piece for the release, this fall, of the full title on DVD.’
    • ‘Cross promotion with these luxury automobile dealerships provides a rare opportunity to reach a high-level, active consumer.’
    • ‘Cross promotions with other local retailers are also a very effective tool for advertising your site.’
    • ‘With everything nationalised and run by the same people there will be complete cross promotion of all services.’
    • ‘But you have to be extremely picky about the sites you decide to engage in cross-promotion with.’
    • ‘Not long after, The Mickey Mouse Club was born, and the driving force of the company became cross-promotion.’
    • ‘Weaver did as he was told, and the cross-promotion brought an immediate increase in sales.’
    • ‘It's cross promotion of a sort that the Packer group would be proud of.’
    • ‘Comcast said it plans to drive attendance at the parks through advertising and cross-promotion at attractions, hotels and concessions.’
    • ‘We can perhaps save some money in marketing expenses, while maximizing efforts for cross-promotion in those markets.’
    • ‘It is also a way to stretch an advertising budget because of the ability for cross promotion.’
    • ‘Both Ten and Nine use the late news as cross promotion for other programs.’
    • ‘This is, after all, cross-promotion at its most blatant.’