Meaning of cross-ruff in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrɒsrʌf/


  • A sequence of play in bridge or whist in which partners alternately trump each other's leads.

    ‘In this case, your plan will be to play a cross-ruff, by trumping outside suits in both your hand and dummy's.’
    • ‘If those survive, you have five tricks in the bank, and seven more coming via a high cross-ruff.’
    • ‘If he has shortness in either clubs or hearts, a cross-ruff will develop.’
    • ‘If the declarer continues the cross-ruff the defence cannot prevent ten tricks.’
    • ‘Play is better, and the computer follows set lines - finesse, cross-ruffs, drawing of trumps and so on - with dogged competence.’


[no object]
  • (in bridge or whist) play a cross-ruff.

    ‘the two were cross-ruffing for some time’
    • ‘he decided to cross-ruff spades in dummy and hearts in hand’
    • ‘But when he won the king the defence cross-ruffed the next three tricks to put the game two light.’
    • ‘She took her top tricks and cross-ruffed the remainder for 13 tricks.’
    • ‘After cashing his two top Hearts, the declarer peacefully cross-ruffed his way to 12 tricks, conceding a Diamond at the end.’
    • ‘She won the diamond continuation with her Ace, ruffed a club, pitched a diamond on the J and cross-ruffed spades and clubs to make ten tricks.’
    • ‘He cross-ruffed diamonds and spades twice.’