Meaning of cross-sectoral in English:



  • Relating to or affecting more than one group, area, or section.

    ‘cross-sectoral collaboration’
    • ‘The exhibition provides an opportunity for local businesses and the general public to meet leading business owners at the largest, cross-border, cross-sectoral trade event ever in this area.’
    • ‘Who was going to lead Scotland's international contribution to the crucial cross-sectoral negotiations on the European Union's sixth environmental action plan?’
    • ‘The Forum was set up in 1997 to improve cross-sectoral dialogue and help the industry to reach a common position or reinforce a view commonly held by it as a whole.’
    • ‘There is a need for a multi-agency, cross-sectoral approach to tackling crime.’
    • ‘This issue is a cross-sectoral one and it requires many departments to sit and talk together.’
    • ‘Second, it blocks enquiry into the cross-sectoral linkages that often seem to determine how strongly, and in what ways, the effects of political structure actually manifest themselves.’
    • ‘Less obvious business interests also play an important role in shaping environmental regulation because of the cross-sectoral character of environmental issues.’
    • ‘The survey features responses from 565 cross-sectoral small companies, employing 15,273 employees in total.’
    • ‘The minister said the cross-sectoral programme to re-use, reduce and recycle would change attitudes over waste.’
    • ‘He observed that it was the lack of this cross-sectoral, cross-disciplinary view that had led to many environmental problems.’
    • ‘The plan was to be cross-sectoral and direct consultation with families and children was to be central to the policy framework.’
    • ‘It describes itself as the world's only global, cross-sectoral anti-piracy initiative.’
    • ‘It is clearly a cross-sectoral issue and therefore needs to include all stakeholders.’
    • ‘‘The movement created a powerful pedagogical crucible for cross-sectoral and cross-border organizing.’’
    • ‘This integrated and cross-sectoral approach to the problem had resulted in an 80 percent prosecution rate at the centre.’
    • ‘The money will be used for young children's health, their care and development, for HIV prevention under adolescents, for special protection and disparity reduction and for cross-sectoral issues.’
    • ‘‘All of the problems we have had in the private sector have been caused because of the reliance in the public sector on the concept of cross-sectoral relativity on pay,’ says O'Sullivan.’
    • ‘The boards of these partnerships are cross-sectoral, with representatives of the community, trade unions, employers, statutory agencies and elected representatives.’
    • ‘People left the commemoration with a renewed sense that it is possible to fight and win, and that cross-sectoral activism is an effective means for achieving long-term goals.’
    • ‘However, cross-sectoral studies have typically been hampered by limitations in data that we hope to ameliorate.’