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[with object]
  • Sell (a different product or service) to an existing customer.

    ‘their database is used to cross-sell financial services’
    • ‘Our ability to cross-sell products and services also will be enhanced.’
    • ‘Profitability is fine-tuned by branch and by customer, and these measures encourage employees to cross-sell products and to treat customers better than they might expect to be treated at a bank.’
    • ‘His company has a business model of aggressively cross-selling the products of its various divisions, which, say former and current employees and investigators, can lead to serious conflicts of interest.’
    • ‘This is central to the bank's true goal: cross-selling products.’
    • ‘They're especially good with younger people, capturing them when they're young to cross-sell products later on.’
    • ‘Added value must be defined by sellers in terms of buyers' needs, rather than focusing on customers as captives who can be cross-sold other products from a firm's portfolio.’
    • ‘Expanding banking operations and technological innovations have increased the utility of telemarketing as an ideal solution to cross-sell services such as checking accounts, CDs, credit cards and mortgages.’
    • ‘Europeans are used to cross-selling insurance and banking products.’
    • ‘So issuers are looking to cross-sell additional financial services more than ever.’
    • ‘That way they have the ability to value their customer so they can cross-sell, cross-promote between services.’
    • ‘Its application to several sources of sales data can suggest which products should be cross-sold with each other.’
    • ‘It would give you an idea of what products to cross-sell and up-sell.’
    • ‘Going forward, neither party will be drawn on joint development potential, preferring instead to point to the synergies and cross-selling opportunities that exist.’
    • ‘Those companies with diversified product portfolios and large-scale operations may cross-sell their approved drug-eluting stents with their other products.’
    • ‘While some vendors are looking to cross-sell opportunities, others see it as a natural way to meet the needs of ever more demanding clients.’
    • ‘It's really more package-selling than cross-selling or up-selling.’
    • ‘That meant that they were missing out on a million cross-selling opportunities, and that their customer analysis would be skewed through their non-inclusion.’
    • ‘In addition, both companies' target markets have been converging at the edges, which caused problems with cross-selling agreements between them.’
    • ‘Finally, salespeople need to actively reach out to existing members with families to cross-sell club programs.’
    • ‘What if you have 15 different questions you want to ask for each product/customer relationship, such as questions about pricing, cross-selling, upselling or credit risk?’