Meaning of cross-train in English:



  • 1with object Train (an employee) in more than one role or skill.

    ‘team members should be cross-trained to do other tasks in addition to their primary responsibilities’
    • ‘We are a small company and you will be cross-trained on multiple platforms, in multiple roles.’
    • ‘He said the move isn't permanent and was made just to cross-train the two players, who were drafted a year ago.’
    • ‘Have a backup plan by cross-training some of your resources to perform multiple functions.’
    • ‘Employees used to handle either domestic or international assignments, but now they'll be cross-trained on both.’
    • ‘The working group also will examine whether staff at the commission and the clerk's office should be cross-trained.’
    • ‘Cross-train each other to spread skills across the group.’
    • ‘We will cross-train you in the various aspects of our business including marketing, sales, promotions, management, finance, and administration.’
    • ‘We have made it a personal business philosophy to cross-train everyone, which allows us to identify particular skills and rearrange personnel as necessary.’
    • ‘If employees are cross-trained, then they are more likely to be able to help the member with that issue.’
    • ‘The wisest strategy is to up-skill and cross-train employees so that jobs are secured and recruitment investment is maximised.’
    1. 1.1no object Undergo training in more than one role or skill.
      ‘people who cross-train will not only appreciate the work done by others, but will learn how to better support each other’
      • ‘This type of project allows our soldiers to cross-train, which makes them more valuable to the unit and the Army Reserve.’
      • ‘She also cross-trained and became a clerk.’
      • ‘My force manager said I was too valuable as an avionics superintendent to cross-train to the first sergeant career field.’
      • ‘Today, teams from different countries share information and cross-train with each other in an effort to better understand and eliminate these threats.’
      • ‘Of these two might more easily cross-train to act as interpreters.’
      • ‘Then, he invited the American Secret Service to cross-train with his people.’
      • ‘Air Traffic Control officers may also cross-train if released for a few years.’
      • ‘If you don't cross-train with other teams, your learning stops very fast - there's only so much you know.’
      • ‘All positions are Full Time and provide agents with the opportunity to cross train into a management role.’
      • ‘Instead of doing the same boring tasks over and over, they get to cross train and improve their thinking skills.’
  • 2no object Engage in two or more sports or types of exercise in order to improve fitness or performance in one's main sport.

    ‘he was encouraged by friends to cross-train, further building his endurance through low-impact activities such as swimming and cycling’
    • ‘I went from a runner and calisthenics freak to an athletic, cross-training, bodybuilding, martial arts gorilla.’
    • ‘She needs to cross-train by consistently including both endurance and power activities in her training programme.’
    • ‘It was suggested that we cross-train two hours per day, and that on the weekends we should go for 5-6 hour hikes.’
    • ‘About five days a week, I cross-train and do some cardio, usually 20 to 30 minutes elliptical, stationary bike or swimming.’
    • ‘Similar to running, swimming is an optimal cardio workout and an impact-friendly way to cross-train.’
    • ‘I cross-trained as hard as I could whenever I was unable to run to give myself every chance should the pain settle.’
    • ‘It's the perfect way to cross-train because it stretches tight muscles, increases range of motion, enhances balance, and improves alignment.’
    • ‘There's no denying that indoor cycling("spinning") can be a potent way to cross-train, to get better lungs and to develop impressive glutes.’
    • ‘Moore has kept himself in good shape, even cross-training with the Harvard tennis team, before hitting the market as an unrestricted free agent.’
    • ‘It's helpful to cross-train to help alleviate bore­dom, reduce injuries and use all your muscles.’