Meaning of cross-breed in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrɒsbriːd/


[with object]
  • 1Produce (an animal or plant) by mating or hybridizing two different species, breeds, or varieties.

    ‘he taught himself how to cross-breed superior seeds’
    • ‘He had bred cross-bred sheep for several years.’
    • ‘We've cross-bred the donkey and the horse, the lion and the tiger, and I want more.’
    • ‘They will cross-breed the mice from the two strains to create a population which has a mixture of metabolic rates.’
    • ‘The small black and tan cross-bred dog had been left to starve and was so emaciated he was close to death.’
    • ‘Cattle that qualify for the brand are exclusively English and English cross-bred cattle.’
    • ‘At the beginning of the 20th Century, farmers were cross-breeding corn to increase crop yields and to get a better-tasting ear of corn.’
    • ‘In the west, cross-bred lambs are making 10-12 euro with their weight and the smaller horned lambs are making 2-3 euro with their weight.’
    • ‘People have been genetically modifying plants and animals for centuries by cross-breeding animals and plants that can naturally breed together.’
    • ‘A chimeric animal would be fundamentally different from a hybrid, which is created by cross-breeding two species.’
    • ‘The tomato, which is a crop that has been cross-bred so many times over the past 500 years that it barely resembles the tiny, bitter South American fruit from which it was originally derived.’
    • ‘Though cross-breeding or hybridizing sometimes diminishes a tulip's ability to ‘perennialize, ‘other times it enhances this ability.’
    • ‘They test and cross-breed vegetables for production of a greater yield, superior taste and sometimes a higher nutrient content and flowers for earlier and bigger blossoms or a stronger fragrance.’
    • ‘Many country sounds are so terrifying they could easily have come from the throat of a rabid bat mutation or a savage, cross-bred boar-wolf.’
    • ‘A grand cross-bred Hereford steer secured the challenge cup for the best fat beast in the show.’
    • ‘Apart from the rainbows and browns, it is stocked with some cross-bred trout which seem to be gaining in popularity at fisheries.’
    • ‘His main concern is fertility levels - he will scan a percentage of the first cross-bred milkers next month.’
    • ‘Wilbur is a cross-bred Chinese boar of considerable proportions and a fascinating genetic history.’
    • ‘When the cross-bred dogs were examined they were found to be thin, infested with fleas and suffering from hair loss.’
    • ‘The sun shone down on the show, which saw a cross-bred coloured steer calf take the cattle championship.’
    • ‘We chose a lovely nine-month-old cross-bred Labrador/collie female from the RSPCA at Landing Lane and she quickly made herself at home with the family.’
    cross-bred, mixed-breed, half-breed, hybrid
    1. 1.1Hybridize (a breed, species, or variety) with another.
      ‘they cross-breed traditional sheep with the local breeds from various English counties’
      • ‘This was accomplished by cross-breeding regular chickens with chickens naturally balding because of a ‘naked-neck’ gene.’
      • ‘He produced his chicken by cross-breeding a boiler chicken with another breed that has a naturally bare neck.’
      • ‘The stud goats will be cross-bred with Caprivi goats to improve the milk yields of the local goats.’
      • ‘The development and unification to a type, however, was carried on mostly in Germany, where native boar-hounds were evidently cross-bred with numerous imported English hounds.’
      • ‘There he introduced a new hybrid of the perfumed orchid called Miss Udorn Sunshine, after cross-breeding the V. Josephine Van Berrow orchid with the V. Denisonlana Sampoydong orchid.’
      • ‘‘They cross-breed them with canaries to get what they call ‘mules’, which create different colours and varieties.’’
      hybridize, cross-breed, interbreed, cross-fertilize, cross-pollinate, intercross, mix, intermix, blend
    2. 1.2no object (of an animal or plant) breed with a different breed, species, or variety.
      ‘the danger of weeds cross-breeding with crops’
      • ‘Two teams of scientists have found the weeds are cross-breeding with genetically modified crops, making them nearly impossible to kill with pesticides.’
      • ‘Increasingly in order to be competitive, lamb on the butcher's slab comes from sheep cross-bred for size and fast weight gain, kept partially indoors and fed concentrates, thus ready for market at 13 weeks.’
      • ‘They are in demand for cross-breeding with Thoroughbreds to produce 3-day eventers (dressage, field jumping, show jumping), jumpers and dressage horses.’
      • ‘The African bees cross-bred with European bees that had been imported earlier by the industry.’
      • ‘When they escape into the wild they take their parasites with them and, by cross-breeding with the wild salmon, they cause genetic pollution by decreasing the fitness of the wild population.’
      • ‘But it is now an endangered species and could well become extinct through cross-breeding.’
      • ‘The legislation would also ban cross-breeding to develop more aggressive animals.’
      • ‘It is the first known case of such an occurrence in Britain and overturns previous scientific assumptions that charlock was unlikely to cross-breed with GM oilseed rape.’
      • ‘In the past, we did our engineering through cross-breeding and lots of trial and error.’
      • ‘We do not want to see those other three breeds - which could cross-breed and become a problem - follow the example of what has happened with the American pit bull.’
      • ‘Gibbon species are able to cross-breed, and often do so in zoos.’
      • ‘We don't know that these plants won't cross-breed with wild/weed plants to create super weeds.’
      • ‘Wild varieties, with natural resistance, can be used to cross-breed for a defence against the new pest.’
      • ‘These have cross-bred in some of the lakes and they have had to make certain lakes free of ordinary carp to stop the crucians cross-breeding.’
      • ‘And they are experimenting with cross-breeding, hoping to create a hybrid fish for farming.’
      • ‘If wolves come into contact with domestic dogs, they pick up diseases and may cross-breed.’
      • ‘Did cross-breeding with European bees make them more dangerous or did the cross-breeding perhaps even dilute the aggressiveness?’
      • ‘A wide variety of dogs took part including Alaskan malamutes and a cross-bred variety called Euro-hounds, which are renowned for their speed.’
      • ‘Extensive cross-breeding was required in their development as food.’
      • ‘If GM oilseed rape is grown practically anywhere in the UK, cross-breeding will be almost inevitable, it claims.’
      composite, cross-bred, interbred


  • An animal or plant produced by mating or hybridizing two different species, breeds, or varieties.

    as modifier ‘a cross-breed Labrador’
    • ‘The canine has triumphed in the northern heat of the cross-breed awards.’
    • ‘Cadras were a cross-breed of a donkey and a camel, and were common travelling animals.’
    • ‘The tiny cross-breeds, no more than four weeks old, were dumped by a mystery man seen leaving the cardboard box in a field.’
    • ‘Sally with her handler Laura proved that cross-breeds are just as good at obedience and agility as their pedigree counterparts.’
    • ‘As any good breeder of any animal will tell us, the straight breed is not the problem; it is the cross-breed.’
    • ‘The cross-breed puppy will be trained to be the ‘ears’ of a deaf person as a living testimony to the lifetime she has spent raising money for deaf people.’
    • ‘The five cross-breed puppies, no more than four weeks old, were found terrified and dehydrated.’
    • ‘When they approached the railway bridge, the cross-breed dog, Basil, started to chase something.’
    • ‘That is a reasonable ask of the owners of such dogs, regardless of whether their dogs are cross-breeds.’
    • ‘The two dogs were cross-breeds of a mastiff and bull terrier.’
    • ‘Pure breeding produces more uniform stock but the advantages of cross-breed vigour are lost.’
    • ‘The dog, a brown and grey cross-breed thought to be four or five years old, was taken in to the police station by someone who claimed it was a stray.’
    • ‘The brave bobby dragged cross-breed Max from a fierce house fire seconds before a huge explosion ripped through the house.’
    • ‘This cross-breed pooch's predicament behind bars is a taste of more to come as many animals given as Christmas gifts become unwanted.’
    • ‘They took in four young unwanted cross-breed dogs last month.’
    • ‘Other results showed that there was no distinction between pedigree and mongrel dogs although pedigree cats performed better than cross-breed cats.’
    • ‘The puppies are all black and white cross-breeds and show clear signs of having collie or terrier in their breeding line.’
    hybrid, hybridization, cross-breed, mixed breed, half-breed, half blood, mixture, amalgam, blend, combination, composite, conglomerate