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  • 1Verify (figures or information) by using an alternative source or method.

    ‘always try to cross-check your bearings’
    • ‘Reporters too seldom attempt to cross-check official information with sources on the street.’
    • ‘All information would be held on a central National Identity Register, so that police and other officials could cross-check information held on each card.’
    • ‘They suggest that more work is needed to cross-check the information they obtained from the study.’
    • ‘The organisation has given itself an extra eight weeks to check and cross-check the information.’
    • ‘They have to quiz people and then go back and cross-check information.’
    • ‘It's always a good idea to go to several sites and cross-check the information.’
    • ‘It serves as a central repository to cross-check information and look for fraud.’
    • ‘One area people often overlook is the opportunity to re-contact initial referees to cross-check information from other referees.’
    • ‘I cross-checked the address via a search engine.’
    • ‘The development of codes and themes was cross-checked with another researcher to enhance validity.’
    • ‘Data from these sources can be cross-checked to obtain the best possible information on a list of genes at any given time.’
    • ‘It was confirmed to me and then I cross-checked it with another source.’
    • ‘As the research was carried out over a long period, there were ample opportunities to cross-check much of the information received.’
    • ‘Information given to agencies will also be constantly cross-checked by computer, with checks made on utility and credit card bills.’
    • ‘Detectives set about cross-checking the databases.’
    • ‘We have not cross-checked their reports due to lack of time.’
    • ‘We cross-checked every piece of equipment with serial numbers.’
    • ‘As a routine matter, I have translators cross-check one another's work.’
    • ‘We, therefore, request the media to please cross-check the statements prior to reporting.’
    • ‘We can very easily cross-check the people who came to see us and the people who provided submissions to you.’
  • 2Ice Hockey
    Obstruct (an opponent) illegally with the stick held horizontally in both hands.

    ‘He cross-checks everybody but he doesn't play the way Foote plays.’
    • ‘They cross-check him or knock him down just to get rid of him and end up taking a penalty.’
    • ‘He is fervent in his belief that if the officials do their part by consistently applying the rule book on hooking, holding, slashing and cross-checking, the game is better for it.’
    • ‘He is hardly apologetic about his latest suspension, three games as a result of cross-checking.’
    • ‘He is an in-your-face defenseman who is not afraid to cross-check and battle every shift.’





  • 1An instance of cross-checking figures or information.

    ‘as a cross-check they were also asked to give their date of birth’
    • ‘It recommends that such cross-checks be conducted by privately-run entities employing registered auditors.’
    • ‘The animal's DNA is stored and random cross-checks are carried out with meat form the supermarket counter.’
    • ‘Together with regular reviews and inspections, this provides an intricate system of checks and cross-checks which, taken together, provide a robust security net.’
    • ‘It is running cross-checks to ensure that applicants for drivers' licenses are who they say they are.’
    • ‘And so running some cross-checks, we found that perhaps this is the guy we were looking for that was in this area at the time.’
    • ‘It says it now has four separate cross-checks from check-in to the boat's return.’
    • ‘No cross-checks were done to see whether those children were enrolled in two or three different centres, or to see whether they actually existed.’
    • ‘And by this we conclude that, even as a cross-check, it was not to be regarded as appropriate or mandatory in every case.’
    • ‘My cross-checks confirmed, however, that all of the important game animals were being recorded.’
    • ‘Constant energy simulations were also employed as a cross-check.’
    • ‘Since the data is matched letter for letter, it must appear in exactly the same form every time it is entered, or else it will be missed in a cross-check.’
    • ‘Suddenly, my instrument cross-check was distracted by a strange light reflecting off the surrounding clouds.’
    • ‘They were, as noted above, a cross-check on the researcher's judgements.’
    • ‘Now, when a claim is made, the details will be passed on so officials can carry out cross-checks and ensure that duplicate claims are not being made.’
    • ‘It took many months of checks and cross-checks before they had eliminated possible sources of error.’
    • ‘As we all know, a constant cross-check of all available instruments is vital, especially at night.’
    • ‘A computer system analyses the music and cross-checks it against a vast database.’
    • ‘When auditors find fault with controls, they run more cross-checks on accounts to ensure that the final numbers are essentially right.’
    • ‘First, the pilot's cross-check will be determined by the navigational or tactical task loading instead of by the potential for collision.’
    • ‘Candidates keen to ensure that a move to a new company is really for them should ideally use the process to carry out an equally comprehensive cross-check on the company looking to secure their services.’
  • 2Ice Hockey
    An act of obstructing an opponent illegally using the stick held horizontally in both hands.