Meaning of cross cousin in English:

cross cousin


  • Each of two cousins who are children of a brother and sister.

    as modifier ‘cross-cousin marriage’
    • ‘In the times before Christian influence, the preference in some Polynesian societies was for cross-cousin marriage - a woman would marry her mother's brother's son or her father's sister's son.’
    • ‘Marriages are usually arranged, and cross-cousin marriages are preferred.’
    • ‘Marriage unions that create family alliances and concentrate land, wealth, and status, such as preferential cross-cousin marriage, are favored in many Micronesian societies.’
    • ‘For instance, parallel cousins are not considered to be marriageable, but cross cousins are.’
    • ‘A cross cousin is the child of your mother's brother or father's sister, while the children of your mother's sister or father's brother are parallel cousins.’