Meaning of cross index in English:

cross index


  • A note or cross reference in a book or list which refers the reader to other material.

    ‘There are also alphabetical cross indexes.’
    • ‘This is a cross index for all listed stories in all known zines by some authors.’
    • ‘To facilitate such a search, I have created a cross index to the patterns.’
    • ‘Additionally, there are a variety of mover indexes, cross indexes, death record indexes and data bases that list licensed professionals.’
    • ‘A brief cross-index catalogues ‘Poems set to Music.’’
    • ‘The appendices provide the necessary cross-indexes for the herbs and patents, so that there are multiple ways of efficiently navigating the text.’
    • ‘It certainly is not a cross-index (there is only one cellphone number); it has to be an optional extra offered to subscribers.’


(also cross-index)
[with object]
  • Index (something) under another heading as a cross reference.

    ‘It may be necessary to cross-index the name to prevent confusion’
    • ‘He obtains the information and cross-indexes it with the names of new car buyers.’
    • ‘I've cross-indexed the stuff I've been inputting.’
    • ‘The purchasable monster Master Catalog of 35,000 video, laser discs, and DVD items is cross-indexed by title, director, and subject matter.’
    • ‘I fear that it is time for me to organize my yearbooks, and to cross-index my book of references.’
    • ‘Careful counsel for the Defendants will have to thoroughly examine and in effect cross-index references to their individual clients vis-à-vis the past pleadings.’
    • ‘This commentary will be indexed to individual passages in the text and cross-indexed by a user-selectable group of categories.’
    • ‘If zip codes could be isolated for search purposes, leading word rank could be cross-indexed with this data for a powerful new understanding of markets.’
    • ‘That press release ought to be stripped of logistical information, varnished with photos and drop quotes, and cross-indexed by location and issue.’
    • ‘In my office were six and a half million jokes, indexed and cross-indexed on cards.’
    • ‘As time goes on I can easily imagine all types of information becoming cross-indexed with all other available historical data.’
    • ‘The subject headings on the left side of the page direct you to information about ancient fossil flora and fauna, cross-indexed for various geologic time periods and for various locations around the United States.’
    • ‘Once data is collected, it can be compiled, cross-indexed, and sold.’
    • ‘Your PDA has every contact, meeting, and to-do item cross-indexed and annotated.’
    • ‘It can then consult the network of friends to develop a cross-index of names, faces, and associated vehicles.’
    • ‘To search generations of communal, church, and governmental records all across Germany - and later throughout Europe - was a cross-indexing task so monumental, it called for a computer.’
    • ‘Surely it's not that unusual to want to distribute a secure set of cross-indexed PDFs?’