Meaning of cross infection in English:

cross infection


mass noun
  • The transfer of infection, especially to a hospital patient with a different infection or between different species of animal or plant.

    ‘complications of scarlet fever are caused by cross infection with strains other than the original streptococcus’
    ‘cross infection of the virus between cattle and sheep’
    • ‘Infection control measures help to minimise cross infection.’
    • ‘He published many papers on cross infection in hospitals.’
    • ‘The guidelines also address issues that may be common to all travellers, including the risks of dehydration, thromboembolism, and cross infection.’
    • ‘The result has been a decline in incidence of cross infection.’
    • ‘Cancer patients are prone to cross infection and their reduced immunity, which is a common side effect of chemotherapy, means many patients require single room facilities.’
    • ‘Developments in the twentieth century included improvements in dental materials, the introduction of the ‘high-speed’ drills, and greater emphasis on instrument sterility and cross infection control.’
    • ‘At the time 20% of all infants admitted developed gastroenteritis, and 5% died not from their original complaint but from cross infection.’
    • ‘Frequent hand washing, prompt disinfection of contaminated surfaces, and washing of soiled articles of clothing should reduce the likelihood of cross infection.’
    • ‘Poor standardisation or knowledge of procedures, poor coordination between departments, and even quality failures, such as cross infection, contribute to variability.’
    • ‘The focus of one systematic review is double gloving by members of the scrubbed surgical team to reduce cross infection.’
    • ‘With that in mind, prescription must be part of a package that includes infection control and the implementation of hygiene barriers that prevent the cross infection of patients.’
    • ‘He said this would reduce the number of patients being transferred between wards and decrease the chance of cross infection.’
    • ‘Responsible breeders would not dream of allowing you to carry disease and cross infection to their cherished stock.’
    • ‘‘Apart from a greater risk of cross infection, this is stretching the ability of nursing staff to get on with their work,’ he added.’
    • ‘But the issue goes back to the fundamentals of cross infection.’
    • ‘Scrupulous attention to detail to avoid cross infection has shown to be totally ineffective after the age of two years.’
    • ‘They must travel on their own because their treatment makes them susceptible to cross infection.’
    • ‘They claim this could have implications for security and cross infection.’
    • ‘In particular the systems need to address potential dangers of cross infection.’
    • ‘The system has major areas of concern for me in terms of hygiene and cross infection.’