Meaning of cross member in English:

cross member


  • A transverse piece which adds support to a structure.

    ‘Three of these knees are used to help support the cross member and keep it in situ.’
    • ‘And combined with a passenger safety cell, surrounded by crumple zones, and structural cross members to absorb impact, it all helps to make the car a more enticing package.’
    • ‘Since any metal covering would block the antenna's signal reception, holes must be blanked in the roof and structural cross members re-routed.’
    • ‘An aluminum differential cover, ribbed for extra strength, bolts to the rear cross member for added structural strength.’
    • ‘Large longitudinal members tie into the side sills through large cross-section cross members.’
    • ‘To further stiffen the chassis, three cross members beneath the floor tunnel reduce flex due to steering input and provide a strong linear steering feel.’
    • ‘The base of this vehicle is a chassis that consists of full-length box-section frame rails with nine welded cross members.’
    • ‘The frame is thicker, the axle tubes are thicker, and there are more gussets at cross members.’
    • ‘The chassis has additional braces between the cross members and the frame.’
    • ‘Underpinning the new look is a new chassis, a fully boxed design with seven cross members, an E-coat finish and hydroformed front rails.’
    • ‘A bona fide truck needs a frame, so there is a ladder frame engineered consisting of two longitudinal rails joined by seven high-strength steel cross members, for a fully boxed frame.’
    • ‘Single stamped outer and inner side panels with multi-piece reinforcements and hefty, seat cross members add to the body's stiffness.’
    • ‘The special features of this 48-foot semi-trailer are the movable cross members making the unit suitable for hauling any type of load.’
    • ‘If weight continued to be an issue, it would be possible to substitute aluminum tube for steel at the cross members or in the main frame rails.’
    • ‘I would put six legs with a frame on top of the legs, six inches in from the sides, with cross members at least 16 inches apart.’
    • ‘The rear cross members were switched from aluminum alloy to high-strength low-alloy steel.’
    • ‘On either side of this member two cross members have been considered.’
    • ‘Large, thick, straight side members have an octagonal design with large cross section and this permits optimal strengthening of the cross member.’
    • ‘Whilst it is your case that the bolts in the left hand side of the cross member simply dropped out, it is our case that the bolts were never in fact fitted.’
    • ‘The boot is small and its usefulness is further compromised by the presence of a bracing cross member.’