Meaning of cross one's fingers in English:

cross one's fingers


(also keep one's fingers crossed)
  • Put one finger across another as a sign of hoping for good luck.

    ‘we will be keeping our fingers crossed that a quick thaw is on its way’
    • ‘However all concerned are keeping their fingers crossed in the hope that the work will be completed.’
    • ‘We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that the blood tests will prove negative.’
    • ‘This year, we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope all will be well.’
    • ‘So let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that it's a little bit light enough in the morning to burn those clouds off.’
    • ‘Or they may decide to keep their fingers crossed until their renewal date and hope that no major disaster strikes.’
    • ‘We kept our fingers crossed that the rain would continue, and when it did we planted broad beans, broccoli, and radishes which are now thriving.’
    • ‘Jamilla kept her fingers crossed and it wasn't long before her innermost prayers were answered: she got an opening to play overseas.’
    • ‘I'm crossing my fingers for the best, and holding my breath until March 26.’
    • ‘She clambered into the boat and, crossing her fingers that this crazy experiment would work, began to row.’
    • ‘If nothing unlucky happens to you today, cross your fingers and touch wood because it's only six months until the next Friday the 13th.’
    hope for the best