Meaning of cross one's mind in English:

cross one's mind

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  • (of a thought) occur to one, especially transiently.

    ‘it had not crossed Flora's mind that they might need payment’
    • ‘That was the last thought that crossed his mind before his mind shut down and he drifted into blissful sleep.’
    • ‘He is unflinching mentally: ‘I don't think about what's happened to me in the past and it never crosses my mind when I'm playing I might get hurt.‘’
    • ‘But despite all of this, and despite the 16-page pullout supplement, Canada never even crosses my mind as a holiday destination.’
    • ‘The experience was friendly, informative, relaxed and effective in so far as I have not smoked since then and the thought of having one rarely crosses my mind.’
    • ‘It crosses my mind how fast we've adapted to our surroundings.’
    • ‘Getting her own flat only fleetingly crosses her mind.’
    • ‘Has it ever crossed your mind that indoor air quality could have an impact on your health?’
    • ‘Let's face it, if these things were easy to do, we would do them when the idea first crossed our mind.’
    • ‘It's impossible to say how I was feeling at the time. I thought her life was in danger, and the thought that she was going to die crossed my mind.’
    • ‘When I ordered the poster the potential for this problem crossed my mind but I dismissed it out of hand.’
    occur to one, come to one, come to mind, spring to mind, enter one's head, enter one's mind, strike one, hit one, dawn on one, come into one's consciousness, suggest itself
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