Meaning of cross trainer in English:

cross trainer


  • 1A piece of gym equipment resembling an exercise bike with no saddle, on which a user can exercise the arms and legs while simulating the activity of walking, running, or stair climbing and which is designed to reduce joint stress caused by the impact of the foot on a hard surface.

    ‘she was putting her body through its paces on a cross trainer’
    • ‘I did 6 x twenty minute sessions on the cross-trainer - total exercise time of 2 hours.’
    • ‘Most of these will see no improvement whatsoever - no matter how much time they spend sweating on a cross-trainer, they will never be fitter.’
    • ‘It could be argued that I get all the rush of adrenaline I need on a cross-trainer at the gym.’
    • ‘People are bored with treadmills and cross-trainers, plugged into their headphones watching a TV screen.’
    • ‘The team exercised using bikes and cross-trainers, and also practised climate adaptation techniques including frostnip and frostbite prevention.’
  • 2A type of sports shoe suitable for a range of sporting or exercise activities.

    ‘I wear cross trainers for volleyball, basketball, tennis, etc. and for step classes’
    • ‘Once you rock a pair of cross-trainers at the gym, you'll never go back.’
    • ‘These new cross-trainers I'm wearing give me better arch support than most of my shoes.’
    • ‘If donning your cross-trainers and going for a run isn't for you, then you can slow down your pace and go for a walk.’
    • ‘The shoes were all white except for the logo, estimated to be size 7-9 and described by Snyder as a running or cross-trainer style.’
    • ‘When operating, a running shoe is greater than a walking shoe or a cross-trainer.’