Meaning of crossed line in English:

crossed line


  • A phone connection that has been wrongly made with the result that another call or calls can be heard.

    ‘the system will be totally secure from crossed lines and tapping’
    • ‘Sorry, there must be a crossed line, I can't hear what you're saying!’
    • ‘Yesterday, over a crossed line, she heard a murder being planned.’
    • ‘I'm just about to put the phone down, when I hear muffled voices in the background like a crossed line.’
    • ‘It's a crossed line, the other party won't get off the phone and it takes the intervention of the operator to get through to your lover.’
    • ‘It was bad enough that his phone kept getting crossed lines, without the added hassle of all the low-lifes he was being forced to talk to.’
    • ‘For the past 48 hours I keep keep getting completely crossed lines and ending up with the person I'm calling talking to someone else and me connected to someone else too.’
    • ‘An ‘intermittent crossed line fault on the company's UK network’ is being blamed for some callers being able to listen in to other people's calls.’
    • ‘If there was a fight on the street, or an argument in the next room, or a crossed line, or someone punishing a child, he was transfixed, and he listened.’