Meaning of crossfire in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrɒsfʌɪə/

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mass noun
  • Gunfire from two or more directions passing through the same area.

    ‘a photographer was killed in crossfire’
    • ‘the sponsors are caught in the crossfire of the battle between the world champion and his team boss’
    • ‘However, if such are killed in crossfire or if used as human shields, they become collateral damage.’
    • ‘Elsewhere, suspected rebels shot dead three civilians, a bystander was killed in crossfire and five more militants were gunned down by troops, police said.’
    • ‘A policeman and a civilian caught in crossfire were also killed.’
    • ‘There are fears that some of the officially acknowledged deaths were in fact civilians caught in crossfire or killed for political reasons.’
    • ‘Second, it serves as a reminder of the tragic toll war takes on innocents who find themselves caught in the crossfire between contending armies.’
    • ‘Instead of facing a firing squad, however, they were abandoned in no man's land so that they would be killed by crossfire.’
    • ‘The lieutenant went back to find more than 15 men killed by machine-gun crossfire.’
    • ‘Two civilians, caught in the crossfire, were also killed, the report said.’
    • ‘Five civilians caught in the crossfire were killed and 14 wounded, hospital officials said.’
    • ‘Three civilians were caught in the crossfire and killed, and one was wounded.’
    • ‘Aid workers have been caught in crossfire between warring groups of militia or bandits.’
    • ‘One civilian was killed and a second was wounded in crossfire.’
    • ‘It may be that the manacled prisoners were caught in crossfire.’
    • ‘In the crossfire over 400 men were killed and a similar number wounded.’
    • ‘A teenage boy was killed in the crossfire, and two soldiers were wounded.’
    • ‘His late father was treated for gunshot wounds after being caught in gang crossfire when his son was 18.’
    • ‘Jack winced as a heavy bracket of crossfire rocked his ship.’
    • ‘The crossfire between the two groups was brutal.’
    • ‘He saw that his teammate was caught in crossfire, a dozen fighters both good and bad surrounding him.’
    • ‘The open fire regulations were strict because of the fear of friendly crossfire.’