Meaning of crosstalk in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrɒstɔːk/

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mass noun
  • 1Unwanted transfer of signals between communication channels.

    ‘This was key to avoid unwanted measurement crosstalk that destroys quantum information.’
    • ‘You're dealing with electrical signals that are subject to corrosion, crosstalk and shorts.’
    • ‘An apparatus and method for reducing crosstalk and other noise sources in downhole tools is disclosed.’
    • ‘Such data provide evidence of crosstalk of signals derived from carbon (2-oxoglutarate and sucrose) and nitrogen metabolism (glutamine).’
    • ‘This greatly minimizes crosstalk among signals and helps to balance the effective impedance of each line at high frequencies.’
    • ‘Various forms of crosstalk in the signaling network can be characterized with this approach.’
    • ‘Further characterization of these pathways and the extent of crosstalk with other signalling pathways is now required.’
    • ‘In particular, connector wires' close proximity can cause signal crosstalk between signaling wires, effectively reducing their signal-to-noise ratio.’
    • ‘This crosstalk is neglected in ordinary optical communication systems.’
    • ‘This can lead to miniaturization of chip size, reduction of crosstalk noise, and facilitation of layout.’
    • ‘Noise, distortion and crosstalk are inaudible.’
    • ‘One of the problems comes from crosstalk between the VCO and low noise amplifier.’
    • ‘This crosstalk adds line noise and can cause signal errors, a pitfall historically remedied by slowing the signal rate, limiting the cable length or both.’
    • ‘First, they needed an optical pickup able to read the data from a particular layer without crosstalk from adjacent layers.’
    • ‘Issues like crosstalk and overwriting are being addressed with encouraging results.’
    • ‘There are different diameter wires and different systems to prevent crosstalk.’
    • ‘Pre-compensation causes increased crosstalk and reflections and should actually be disabled in some systems.’
    • ‘Given the extensive interactions and crosstalk known to occur between signalling pathways, it should also be profitable to test the nutrient-responsiveness of signalling mutants isolated in other screening programmes.’
    • ‘There is a shield layer between the two wafers of the switch to further isolate and prevent crosstalk between the left and right channels.’
    • ‘This reduces crosstalk between signaling routes.’
  • 2Witty conversation; repartee.

    • ‘The room can suddenly fill with terse and emotionally charged crosstalk, sounding much like a hospital emergency room.’
    banter, badinage, witty conversation, bantering, raillery, witticism, crosstalk, wordplay, patter