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Pronunciación /ˈkrɒswɔːk/

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  • A marked part of a road where pedestrians have right of way to cross; a pedestrian crossing.

    ‘Detectors were installed to monitor pedestrians only on the crosswalk but not on the footpath.’
    • ‘When the pedestrian phase is too long, drivers may be unnecessarily delayed at an empty crosswalk after all pedestrians have completed their crossing.’
    • ‘It is important that students understand that the traffic calming devices on the Ring Road are not crosswalks.’
    • ‘Pedestrians have the right-of-way on crosswalks, sidewalks and walkways across streets at stop signs.’
    • ‘I looked down at the dirty yellow lines of the crosswalk.’
    • ‘Over the weekend, the students posted their response in the form of a chalk outline of a pedestrian where the crosswalk once was.’
    • ‘They approached the end of the sidewalk, the dull click of the pedestrian crosswalk blinking with the small white man.’
    • ‘Current law orders motorists to stop on both sides whenever a pedestrian steps onto the crosswalk, an unlikely event in this burg.’
    • ‘But on the freeway there are neither stoplights, yield signs, nor crosswalks at which to pause, only furious and never-ceasing movement.’
    • ‘This applied not only at intersections and crosswalks, but anywhere.’
    • ‘As I emerged on the other side of the sidewalk, I stood at the edge of the road beside the crosswalk.’
    • ‘There was neither a street light nor a crosswalk at that location in the road.’
    • ‘She said marked crosswalks without lights provide a false security for pedestrians.’
    • ‘Richards emphasized police urge motorists always to watch closely for any sort of pedestrian movement when approaching a crosswalk.’
    • ‘This means a route with slower traffic, more crosswalks, more crossing guards, and more sidewalks with wider surfaces and unobstructed views.’
    • ‘Observe your child crossing the street safely at the crosswalks.’
    • ‘We were still on the crosswalk, a few yards away from the curb.’
    • ‘Ian was one of those who walked, and he crossed the street at the crosswalk just beside the student parking lot.’
    • ‘When school resumes again, drivers need to be aware of school zones, crosswalks and bus stops.’
    • ‘Injuries are more likely in areas without crosswalks.’